Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Share the Love: Chicago Botanic Garden Grapevines & Wines Date Night {Giveaway}

It's one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful of all destinations in all of Chicagoland, so if you've yet to experience date night at Chicago Botanic Garden, I have to tell you -- you must experience it!

The upcoming Grapevines & Wines wine tasting event is a perfect way to experience the beauty of date night at the garden during one of its finest seasons and hours {late spring and sunset}!

Chicago Botanic Garden at Sunset captured via my phone

The following wineries will be attending Grapevines & Wines and offering a unique array of bouquets from around the world:
  • Cannonball Wine Company 
  • Cass Winery 
  • Coopers Hawk 
  • Guarachi Family Wines 
  • Heritage Wine Cellars 
  • Loveblock Purple Wine & Spirits 
  • Stone Hill Winery 
  • Terlato Wines 
  • Villa Graziella Wines 
  • Wollersheim
Light fare will also be available for purchase at the event.

Photo Courtesy of Chicago Botanic Garden
Because we've so enjoyed the ambiance and beauty of our previous date nights at Chicago Botanic Garden, John and I have been trying to get to a Grapevines & Wines event at the garden for years, and thus far, we've been booked during every tasting so far {kindergarten graduation pulls rank this year again!}

Photo courtesy of Chicago Botanic Garden
But! You likely don't have kindergarten graduation that night, and if that's the case, this giveaway is for you!

Chicago Botanic Garden is hosting Grapevines & Wines, Thursday, May 26 from 6- 8 p.m., and the Garden is giving away two tickets to the event so someone can experience indulging in some fantastic wines in the garden's idyllic McGinley Pavilion.

Wanna go?

Just leave a comment with your favorite date-night destination in Chicagoland. The winner will be chosen by Thursday, May 19 and contacted by the garden coordinator who will add the winners' names to the list!

Fine Print: All opinions are my own! I am an ambassador for Chicago Botanic Garden because we love love love this regional gem and enjoy spreading the word to others. Winner and guest must be 21 years of age to attend and bring proof of age along to the event. Parking pass is included!

Didn't win or don't want to wait? Purchase tickets for Grapevines & Wine!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Please don’t buy me candles for Mothers Day

Please don’t buy me candles.

I’ve never wanted to put parameters on gifts because I know so often gifts are expressions of love, but I have to gently share with you something that I've long needed to share:

please don’t buy me candles for Mother’s Day. 

Or earrings. 

Or some really cool thing for the house you know I’d love. 

Chances are, I would, you know, love it. 

And chances are I would feel the love coming out of any of these thoughtful gifts meant to display your affections for me. 

But I have to tell you — I’m already so stuff-heavy. 

And I’m sorta kinda most often drowning in our stuff — trying to organize it, sort it, stash it, display it, clean it, pick it up — that I need your help in not adding more. Because, you know, I cannot bear to part with the beautiful things you’ve bought me; it reminds me of you. It hurts to part with it even when I’m no longer using it or wearing it or when it’s collecting dust. I love it because of the memory of love it holds, but the actual things are making my life heavier in so many ways that I need your help in communicating love through giving me gifts that aren’t so heavy for me to carry. 

Like the gift of your time, all of us together for an entire afternoon of enjoyment. Shower me with your best memories of the last year, your favorite mom-moments, your laughter spilling out of your lips as we remember together the times we’ve rolled doubled over laughing, as we make new memories. 

Or if you absolutely need to physically give me a something, give me a gift that will help me care for myself in a way I hardly get to do while I’m caring for everyone else— like a gift certificate for an overnight at a hotel where I can just sleep uninterrupted. Or a a massage session. Or a pedicure. Or a painting class. Or a day-away retreat. Or a certificate for a family night out. Or something else that feeds my soul while I’m in the midst of daily feeding the souls of all the people in this house. 

So, my loves, please don't buy me candles this Mother's Day or really even anything else. The only gifts I want I already have - and that's the gift of each of you. 

Just give me a way that day to enjoy those gifts: be present, be kind and be you. 

(I'm not every mom so please note I'm only speaking for me; but if this does resonate with you, feel free to use these words for expressing your heart.)