Monday, February 19, 2007

About Undercover Mother

Undercover Mother is both an active keeping space for all the things we enjoy and love as a growing and thriving family of seven and an archived collection of stories, prose, findings and revelations detailing the birth and growth of myself as a mother and our family during the first ten years of our lives together.

Undercover Mother now {August 2017-present}: Undercover Mother details all the beauty — films, books, places, art, destinations — we enjoy as a family. As the mother of five children ranging from ages 5 through 16 and the organizer, beautifier and co-vision caster of our family, I spend a great deal of time wading through a seemingly endless supply of activities, recipes, outdoor adventures, destinations, books, films, music and arts, trying to ascertain what will feed our children's souls, minds, hearts and bodies.

I get it wrong sometimes. But as I have learned to keep in step with the Spirit of God and have gotten to know who each of our children are becoming, we've had some pretty big wins.

Undercover Mother from August 2017 through the present is a place where I'm sharing those wins in hopes of helping others find wins for their families, too.

Then: Undercover Mother Archives: A journalist by nature and profession, I created Undercover Mother to detail my special assignment from the Great Editor and Chief in which I often felt like I was covering the foreign land of motherhood. When I first began this website, I admittedly was enjoying covering bare baby bottoms with diapers while still missing life as a newspaper reporter who had the pleasure {entertainment? misfortune?} of covering chair-throwing, name-calling town hall meetings. The early days of this blog were born of day-dreaming bliss and often were burst by a toddler's tantrum, which, ironically enough did include pee-wee chair throwing and name calling.

Photo by Darcy of My3Boybarians
As I grew into motherhood, this place became one where I could tap into my creative-writing-bleeding heart, write life out loud and uncover subjects like faith, marriage, organic living and grief and loss in motherhood. My very a tolerant, patient husband, John, helped fuel the first ten years of this blog by indulging my requests for long adult conversation and iced chai tea lattes. I probably don't think the same way I did when I first began this blog; growing and life does that to you. But some things remain: I still love Jesus, my family and my dog; I still don't love country music

Here are a few posts that highlight the early days

A Lesson in Who I Really Am

Oh Look, I'm a Crazy Hippie After All

Sometimes I feed the bears spaghetti and immediately regret my decision

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  1. Just wondering why you deleted your post from 4/05 about breastfeeding and formula feeding? I saw it linked from another site and was interested to read it.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love HOW you love your little boys! So precious! The way you paint them into life just endears them to the me!


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