Thursday, February 7, 2008

Introducing Two New Posting Titles: Snapshots and Words of Wisdom

Exciting news!
In order to bring you accurate information concerning hot parenting issues, I'm teaming up with some local professionals who have agreed to share their knowledge about parenting subjects within each of their fields of expertise. I will regularly consult with the professionals when writing about topics like breastfeeding, babywearing, baby's health, natural childbirth and natural child rearing. The title of the post in which I consult with these individuals will begin with: Words of Wisdom.

I'll introduce you to each professional in a Snapshot profile where you can view their contact information, educational backgrounds and learn more about them!

The first professional Snapshot profile will be up by this weekend; stay tuned for additional Snapshot profiles.

Also, please be advised that these professionals do not necessarily agree with my political and religious views. I will consult with them only about topics within their area of expertise!(This means that all of the professionals who contribute to my articles do not necessarily love Mike Huckabee! Consider this my official disclaimer statement!)

Happy reading and learning!

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