Tuesday, March 25, 2008

RANT: Another gift that keeps on growing

We were having a relatively good day. We closed on our house; the baby was in a good mood; we took a walk in 48-degree weather; we ordered Lou Malnati's pizza for dinner.
And then I ventured into the kitchen. John said he did the dishes two nights ago. I was really thankful as G has been keeping me awake at night with his stuffy nose problems. I saw a pot on the stove, though, and decided to put it away thinking it was clean.
I took the top off of the pan only to discover the most HORRIBLE stench I've ever smelled. It doesn't stop there; it gets worse. THERE WAS MOLD IN MY PAN!
My mind flashed back to the moldy blender on my birthday.
Atonement must be made. Last time this happened, I was gifted with a beautiful tanzanite necklace. I'm thinking a second offense requires more shine to pay for the crime.
So ... diamonds, anyone?

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