Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everyday Life: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

We were taking a walk today when a very social mama began chatting with us. She was strolling with her 6-month-old baby. She asked me G's age. I told her he was 8.5 months old. We exchanged compliments about both babies' cuteness; the conversation then took a weird turn. The mama shared with me that her little one was very advanced because the baby watched Baby Einstein videos made for 12-month-old tykes. (After a Google search, I found that the Baby Einstein videos are geared toward different age groups. Apparently some songs are more advanced sounding than others?) She told me about how her baby excitedly coos at the videos and seems bored by the videos for younger babies.
"So what month Baby Einstein videos does your baby watch?" she asked.
I very obviously didn't want to share that G shows more interest in gnawing on the case of our Baby Einstein DVD than actually watching it.
"We only have one Baby Einstein DVD, and it's for 9-month-old babies," I explained.
"You only have one?" she asked. "Poor little guy."
Apparently Baby Einstein videos do not merely test baby's intelligence. They also can measure a parent's intelligence level, and I could tell by the horrified look on her face that I didn't even rank on the scale!


  1. Hi Hy!
    I saw your sig line in your post to Lake County Babywearers. I decided to pop over to read your blog.

    This day of technology for little ones is interesting to me. I,personally, do not get the all the electronic gadgets (videos, games,toys with all the whistles etc.) that are created specifically for kiddos 2 and under. I think a good PBS program (occasionally) is plenty. The rest of the time, wonderful creative toys, books, music and lots and lots of Mom time (or someone else, sibling, father, grandparents) goes so much further than any Baby Einstein Video ever will.

    Your experience was certainly interesting. I so hope that the Mama learns there is more to life than judging as to how "advanced" her under 1 year old is.

    BTW: My children have not been interested in watching TV or videos while still under 1. Never held their interest. Currently, the almost 2 year old really does not watch TV. She is just around when her 4yo brother is watching. This has not been an indicative factor of their capabilities. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I totally agree with you, Deanna. Babies and little ones need lots of social interaction and creative play time to grow into well-rounded people -- not just Baby Einstein DVDs! Thanks for your comment. =)


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