Friday, April 4, 2008

Everyday Life: Modern-day Christopher Columbus

Now that G is a crawling machine (he even crawls in his sleep), he's taken on the job of exploring our home. He takes this task quite seriously and makes sure to discover something new every day. You'd think he were commissioned by the queen of England (or Portugal in the case of Columbus) to find an undiscovered territory by the way he moves about the apartment scouring every inch for a great find. Here are a few of his discoveries:

1. We have a kitchen! And the kitchen has cabinets. The cabinets OPEN, and they are filled with lots of things that clunk, clank and thud. I'm sure the downstairs neighbors are as thrilled with this discovery as I am.

2. Coffee tables are no longer for housing coffee cups, picture frames, spider plants or anything else that could crash to the floor by transportation of Gabe's hands. The poor spider plant is missing half of its leaves on one side. Luckily, I found the remnants of the plant in G's hands before he introduced it to his mouth and intestinal system.

3. There's a baby living in the garbage can. The first time G found our shiny, stainless steel garbage can, he discovered a tiny little person was staring back at him. At first he stared. Then he screeched ala pterodactyl to see if this baby was real and would return the call. Lastly, he banged his fists on the baby and then gave the baby a big kiss. That was the day I started cleaning the outside of the garbage can on a daily basis.

4. Wires, strings and laces, oh my -- none of these fun toys are safe from G. Mommy's computer cord is fun to slide between his fingers, Daddy's shoe laces are always untied and stuffed Mickey Mouse's tail is hanging by a thread. Who knew a little rope could provide hours of endless entertainment?

5. The patio door vertical blinds are kind of like wind chimes -- they move in the breeze and make lots of noise when G crawls through them. We don't need a drum set; we've got vertical blinds!

6. Gravity works well here in our home. The spoon full of smashed pears clanks on the floor after it is thrown from G's high chair. The ball bounces off the walls and most other objects at which its hurled, including Daddy's forehead. Rubber duck squeaks and flies when
G tosses it over the edge of his car seat. Poor, poor police duck was almost killed in the line of duty yesterday after G chucked it onto the garage floor while we were extracting him from his car seat. We found poor police duck lying upside down in our neighbor's parking spot only a little worse for the wear this morning - his butt has tire marks on it, but G didn't seem to mind; he happily gnawed on police duck's beak after we gave police duck a bath in the sink. Police duck deserves a badge of honor for taking on active duty as G's favorite rubber friend.

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