Thursday, April 3, 2008

Life Lesson: It's how you play the game

I took a chance a few months ago.
Those who know me personally know I don't really like taking chances even when statistics suggest something will likely turn out in my favor. (IE: The plane will probably not crash while you are flying to [fill in the blank]. Regardless, I still hate flying and feel like I'm going to hurl all of my honey-roasted peanuts all over the aisle during the entire flight.) Anyway, this isn't about flying. No, this was much more terrifying because it had to do with the possibility of rejection. I entered a pretty sweet essay contest hosted by Christine Fugate, a mama who writes the Mothering Heights blog and directs movies in her spare time. (She's a super woman of some sort, I swear it; just read her blog! I know you'll agree.) The winners of the contest were to be published in the first volume of the Manual for Motherhood. Unfortunately, my essay was not chosen for print; however, it was selected to be part of the online anthology.
So I don't really know if I won or lost, but I definitely had a great time playing the game.
Also, I'm done taking chances for the year because I flew a whopping four times during the last six months and didn't crash and/or burn and I entered a contest that I didn't lose or win. I'd say I better not push my luck anymore this year. ;)

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