Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Bigger Picture: Evan's story

It's easy to get caught up in our every-day lives and daily struggles and joys. Last night, I was feeling worn out from parenting very-active Gabe and feeling a little sorry for myself. I was so thankful Gabe finally fell asleep, so I could just sit down for two uninterrupted minutes and relax. I was making a silent list of grievances in my head about why John working out of town stinks and how his working out of town really adds a lot of stress to my life. Simulataneously, I was poking around on The Baby Wearer Web site.
Sometimes the Lord lets me sit in my own pond of sulk for a good while until it stinks so bad I'm forced to leave.
And sometimes the Lord feels it necessary to give me an immediate reality kick when I'm having a pity party; last night was one of those times. As I poked around the For Sale or Trade boards, I saw a link to a video about one of the mama's sons. Curious, I clicked on it. When I watched the video about 11-month-old Evan and his first few volatile months of life when he endured heart surgery after he was unknowingly born with a heart defect, my heart became very thankful for active, healthy little Gabe. My heart also reeled for Evan, his family and all they had been through during his short 11 months on Earth. Lastly, my heart filled with joy, but you'll have to watch the video to understand why. Jilian, Evan's mama, gave me permission to post this video so you could learn about what she wished she would have known before she gave birth to her baby boy.

To watch the video on full screen click here.
This morning, I'm thanking the Lord for the healthy baby who's pulling all of the Tupperware out of the cabinet and tossing it on the floor. And I'm also thanking him for Evan's life and story; I know he's blessed his family, and I'm sure his story has blessed your heart.

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