Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everyday Life: Summer bed time

Now that the sun is keeping the sky light later and later every night, G has decided that his normal bedtime of 7:45 p.m. will no longer do. His motto, I believe, goes something like this: "If the sun gets to be up, I should get to be up, too."

This makes sleep interesting, as the amount of it G needs is far more than when the sun is busy lighting other parts of the world. And when G needs more sleep he lets me know by squawking as loudly as possible or crying when he doesn't get what he wants. Oddly enough, that's also how I communicate sleep deprivation.

I've tried to remedy this problem in a few ways:
1. Darken the room by covering the window. It didn't work. He crawled over to the window, pulled the blanket off and proceeded to climb up the wall.

2. Take away his afternoon nap so that he'd sleep earlier. This also didn't work as he became so overtired that his adrenaline kicked in and it took him even longer to fall asleep. And then when he finally fell asleep at 11:30 p.m. we woke up at a bright and early 7 a.m.

At least we don't live in Alaska during the summer.

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