Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Everyday Life: Welcome to Wisconsin!

Greetings from Wisconsin. I'm glad to officially announce we are not staying the middle of nowhere, but John is, indeed, working in the middle of nowhere.
Interestingly enough, it's not as tough as I thought it would be to stay in a hotel for four nights and four days per week. Gabe has adjusted very well, but I expected nothing less from my little traveler. At any rate, here are some interesting things I've found out about Central Wisconsin:

1. Where are the sidewalks in the subdivisions? A new neighborhood butts up to the back of our hotel, and there are no sidewalks to be found. People walk around on the streets. It's very strange, and I don't understand this no sidewalks by the homes thing. Even more perplexing is that there are sidewalks in the shopping center areas that lead to well, nowhere. I wish I could better explain. Of course, there are standard sidewalks in front of the storefronts, but there also are sidewalks in the middle of parking lots that start and end abruptly. Good thing I don't rely on transporting G by stroller. Yet another benefit of babywearing!

2. I also have not been able to locate any leaves on the local trees. It's the first week of May for crying out loud, and today it was 80 degrees! So when do these leaves plan on showing up? It's awfully depressing going from having a view of leafy green trees to having a view of blacktop because there are no leaves to block it!

3. The local news from Wausau reports the weather three times in one half and also repeats the news stories the newscasters already reported. It's very strange.

More on Central Wisconsin later. G is going into meltdown mode because he woke up from his nap too early.

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