Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Tribute: Happy Mother's Day!

For years I've labored every May to find the perfect Mother's Day gift for my mother. I would go to many a store that sold the types of home-and-garden decor my mom finds appealing, trying to pick out something that would adequately express how grateful I was for all of the wonderful mothering she had done through out the years.
And every year my mom would give the standard "thank you; it's very nice" remark. And then we'd continue on with our day by spending time together, chatting, laughing and relaxing.
This year, my first Mother's Day as a mom, is the first year that I have finally realized the perfect Mother's Day gift. And it can't be found in a store, tucked neatly into box or bound with pretty ribbon and a bow. This year I'm giving my mom a few things, one being the gift of time well spent together. I'm giving her a day where she doesn't have to follow an agenda, rather she just has to spend time with her daughters, her own mother and her grandson. I'm traveling to my mom's house tomorrow without any pretty packages, and I'm planning to just give her our time (and hopefully a free lunch with out any dishes to clean!)
As mothers we give and give and give and sometimes there's not a whole lot left for ourselves: we give our time, a listening ear, our money, our prayers, our thoughts, the food from our plates, our advice -- we give our children everything we can to help them grow, succeed and feel safe, secure and loved. And sometimes the return for our giving takes years to materialize. Sometimes we don't see the fruits of our labor until many years have passed and our children have become the kind of person we wanted to give the world -- kind, compassionate, God-centered, loving and graceful souls who are more concerned with eternal treasures than Earthly ones. I think if I can give those gifts to my mother, she'd be well honored this Mother's Day.
As for my own Mother's Day expectations, I have only three things that I'd like, and I suspect they are the same things my own mother most treasures and cherishes:
The first can't be given to me for another 18 years or so, as it involves G becoming the type of person I think the world desperately needs. The second gift he could give me (with a little help from his father)would be some time -- a little time to enjoy him, a little time to rejuvenate myself and a little time to enjoy the other people I love.
But the best Mother's Day gift is one I already received -- He came August 11, 2007, and he's one of the most beautiful present I've ever been handed.
Happy Mother's Day, mamas!

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  1. Love your blog, my friend! I am also a contributor to the Mothering Heights book and found you through the newspaper article Christine posted. I was also recently inspired to start a blog, as a way to stay a bit more sane while raising all these kids. I will bookmark your blog and check in with you often. If you have time, check mine out too...its a fun hobby to have, isn't it? :)



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