Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RAVE: I know I'm a mama because ...

... I'm bursting with joy about a comment our physician's assistant made when Gabe went in for his 9-month well-baby doctor's appointment.
She took one look at his rear and said that it was the healthiest looking diaper-covered butt she'd ever seen. And she attributed it to his rear end being covered with only cloth diapers.
Of course, I couldn't take all of the credit for his rash-free, very cute, little, healthy bum; I had to tell her that the Northern Essence Diaper Salve (tea-tree oil and lavender-free version) was partly to thank.
Score one for cloth diapers and one for the butt balm! I'm so glad Gabe's butt is a happy one. That's one of the best work reviews a full-time mom could receive!

1 comment:

  1. I saw another mamasource post that said you go to Dr. Elvove? We just switched to them a couple months ago!!! Small world...


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