Wednesday, May 21, 2008

RAVE: Inka sure is a looker

Our Inka Storch wrap arrived, and I couldn't wait to wear G. I promptly tied G onto my back and headed out to the farmer's market in downtown. And this time instead of being referred to as a strange duck, we heard many nice remarks about babywearing. It was wonderful to hear positive thoughts about babywearing rather than the sometimes critical and often perplexed comments.
The first postive one came from a woman with a little guy of her own. She said that G looked so happy and comfortable. The second nice comment came from an older gentleman who took one look at G and declared that G had it made. The third was given by a women with two kids who declared after seeing G's content face that it looked like it was "worth the time to learn how to wrap a baby in that wrap." Perhaps we were on the receiving end of nice comments because Inka is so pretty.
Decide for yourselves:
Whatever the case, I'll take it!

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