Saturday, May 3, 2008

RAVE: Wraps are the COOLEST!

I started out as a mama who said she needed only one baby carrier. I researched which carrier would carry my little one from infancy through toddlerhood without breaking my back and breaking the checkbook. I thought all of my babywearing needs would be met by my beautiful, well-crafted Freehand Mei Tai.
Apparently, I under estimated my own neediness.
After mastering the mei tai, I moved onto the Ergo, which is a buckle version of the mei tai, for winter babywearing so the mei tai's straps wouldn't slush around in the snow while I was trying to tie G onto my back in the parking lot during Christmas shopping. And when the Ergo became too complicated to get on and off quickly, I decided a Maya Ring Sling could be used to fullfill my babywearing needs since G was going through an "I want up and then want down two seconds later" phase.
So now here we are with a beautiful Storchenwiege Leo Marine wrap, and I've gotta tell you I'm in love again. I thoroughly enjoy the art of wrapping, and G immensely enjoys snuggling against me and Leo. (I better be careful how I refer to our new wrap or someone is going to catch part of the conversation and mistake Leo for a new, hot boyfriend or something.)
Anyway, here's a list of wrapping benefits with a Storch:

1. Storchs are tightly woven to support heavy little ones. Mamas can use a Storch to carry even a heavy toddler. (Stay tuned for an experiment. I think I want to try to wrap a really big kid ... named John. Maybe.)

2. Storchs provide a comfy carry for mama, too, as the material's thickness helps to eliminate straps digging into the skin.

3. Leo Marine is a beautiful, brillant blue wrap -- He definitely dresses up my outfit!

4. There are many different carries you can try/use with a wrap. I can think of at least 20(though, I cannot do all of them quite yet!).

5. Wraps are easy to pack and take along for the ride. It's not as compact as a ring sling, but I can fold it pretty compactly.

6. My squirmy baby loves to snuggle in the wrap whether I'm wearing it or he's playing with it on the floor.

7. If you ever have twins, you can carry both babies with one Storch wrap. Check out the pictures of moms carrying two little ones with the help of one wrap! It's amazing what one long wrap can do!

8. Breastfeeding in public is discreet and easy while wearing baby in a wrap.

Here's my third attempt at wrapping in less than 24 hours. This carry is the called the Front Wrap Cross Carry. Please note how happy G looks while snuggling in the wrap during his "crabby time" of the day.

And one for the dads out there -- John's first attempt at wrapping with a little help from his lovely wife. This one is called the Back Wrap Cross Carry.

I hope these pictures have just enabled all the mamas out there to go and buy a wrap. You can get some great deals on gently used wraps on thebabywearer forum!

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