Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Everyday Life: He aims, he shoots, he scores!

The chances of G being able to play video games, open soda cans and succeed in sports like ping-pong ball have greatly increased this week.
After weeks of trying desperately to get Cheerios into his mouth by himself, he has finally succeeded. Hallelujah, my child will now be getting more nutrition than the floor!
This also means his hand-eye coordination is improving and his pincher grasp has developed. Pro-sports, here he comes! Perhaps, I'm counting my chickens before they hatch; maybe I should just be grateful for the 10 minutes of serenity I get while G chows down on his Cheerios and allows me to eat half of my dinner before he starts squawking about how I am not feeding him his carrots in a timely manner.
However, for every new skill he learns, it also adds a little to my list of baby-proofing duties. Now that he knows how to stick little, tiny things into his mouth, he has taken the liberty of snatching anything I drop on the floor while I'm cooking and shoving it into his mouth faster than I can exclaim "YUCKNotforG!!" I now also must also scour the floor for any tiny things that shouldn't be put in his mouth - pennies, leaves, earrings -- all the things that fall to the floor and you don't necessarily notice until the baby has a guilty look spread across his face and chipmunk cheeks.
He also has taken to eating sticks, dandelions and grass blades while we're enjoying the great outdoors. Apparently, the world is G's dinner plate.

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