Sunday, January 18, 2009

Babywearing: And the winner of the Babywearing Men Photo Contest is ...

Daddy Scott wearing baby Aria in a Didymos Johannes II wrap!
I don't know how you picked your favorite out of those three; I know I couldn't! I so loved all three of those photos. Baby Maite's wide smile is enough to make any unbeliever think that babywearing really does make for a happy baby. And baby Caleb is the poster child for how content a little one is when he is snuggled up next to his daddy.

But according to the voters, daddy Scott and baby Aria all but ran away with the award for best the Babywearing Men Photo Contest. It's hard to beat a shot of a soundly sleeping newborn cuddled up against dad's chest!
They will be featured front and center of my next babywearing post, and Marissa will be awarded her $5 Starbucks gift card for submitting the photo of her adorable baby and awesome babywearing husband.

Additionally, stay tuned for some exciting news concerning a new label for posts in the blog, which will (hopefully) be posted tomorrow!

Happy babywearing, and thanks for spreading the babywearing love by submitting photos and voting for your favorite.


  1. I love seeing babywearing dads! My hubby loves wearing our babies in the mei tai!


  2. have VERY curious about the new label!

  3. I just loved the chance/excuse to make people visit your blog and see babywearing dads in action. Thanks for spreading the word! I'm also curious and will visit tomorrow to see the new label...


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