Monday, January 12, 2009

Babywearing: John's top-three picks for the Babywearing Men Contest

Here are my top three picks for guys wearing babies. It's nice to know that I'm in good company ... and that I'm not the only guy out there putting my son in a carrier in a parking lot in the middle of summer while some lady gives me weird looks. Thanks for submitting your pictures. They were all great. -John

And without further delay:

Daddy, Scott, wearing baby Aria in Johannes II Storchenweige wrap
submitted by Marissa G. from Illinois

Daddy, Eric, wearing baby Maite in Dublin Hoppediz Wrap
submitted by Soledad E. from California

Daddy, Tim, wearing Caleb in a 4th Generation Beco Baby Carrier submitted by Michelle S. from California

I (Hyacynth) am so bummed that we couldn't post all of the
pictures! They were all so sweet and awesome! So now's the time to vote for your absolute favorite out of the top-three finalists. :) Happy voting, and happy babywearing! The winner will be announced Sunday, January 18. Please note that votes should be cast using the poll on the right side of my blog. :)


  1. Awwww, I love this post!! I should vote for Tim because I know he is an awesome babywearing dad. But, I can't pass up that newborn sleeping picture. So I vote for Scott!!

  2. I vote for Tim - looking at that knocked out sleeping kiddo!

  3. kat, you've gotta vote on the poll! lol

    tim keeps saying, "refresh! refresh! see if there's another vote for me"

  4. I vote for Tim b.c. reminds me of my fam.

  5. Such sweet photos! I snoozed and missed your deadline but I'm very happy to see all the other BWing dads out there!


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