Thursday, October 29, 2009

Everyday Life: Intentions

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Despite my best intentions, I think my beloved first born often feels like he's not always totally in the picture ever since his little brother joined us.

I told myself I was just being overly sensitive. But this picture made me think quite a bit. I wasn't trying to purposefully cut half of my oldest son's face out of the photo, but I had to snap the button quickly because the baby was smiling.
And it dawned on me that maybe I'm not intentionally trying to cut him out, but perhaps I'm not being intentional enough about getting all of him into my frame.
And I want all of him in my frame; I want all of him in our frame. Because when all of him is in the picture, it's really quite beautiful.

Here's to being intentional about getting all of him in.


  1. You said it perfectly. You know I know where you're coming from :) And you're not being overly emotionally sensitive about it, you're being a mama!

  2. What a beautiful and oh so true sentiment. It's definitely gotten easier as Little Miss has gotten older and they're truly two unique personalities, but I remember those days. Being purposeful is so key!

  3. It is hard when the second comes along.


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