Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everyday Life: My sneaky toddler

Yesterday, I was hanging out in the chair trying to muster some energy to do many household things when I heard something happening in the other room.
At first, it was the sound of G playing with his blocks. He has grown into quite the independent player, so I was pretty confident in his ability to play alone in his playroom without getting into too much trouble while I was down the hall.
But then I heard a new sound: crinkle, crinkle, crinkle.
I figured I needed to check on him, so I made my way to the playroom only to find him digging in his toy box. He smiled at me; I smiled at him. He continued digging; I went to the kitchen to make lunch while he was busily entertaining himself.
After a few minutes of lunch preparation, I heard the new sound again: crinkle, crinkle, crinkle.
Again, I went back to check on him only to find him playing with his blocks and bucket. He smiled; I smiled. I walked out of the room, or G thought. Instead, I hid behind the door and waited for the crinkle sound again.
It only took him 30 seconds to head over to the toy box. He pulled out an ENTIRE box of graham cracker sticks and stuck his hand in, thus producing the crinkle sound. As I made my move to bust him, he turned the box upside down and shook. And nothing came out. My toddler single handedly ate HALF of a BOX of graham cracker sticks by himself in the sneakiest manner possible. And it was hilarious. I couldn't hold the laugh in, and G busted me spying on him instead of me busting him. At first he looked a little guilty, but then he started imitating my laugh, which made me laugh even more.
I guess this taught me a few lessons:
1. Don't sit in the chair for too many consecutive minutes.
2. Don't leave anything edible within 12 inches of the edge of the table.
3. Expect everything that goes into the toddler in mass quantities to come out in mass quantities.
4. Never trust the son of the former Fat Kid Club President with any food you don't want him to eat. Ever.
5. EVERYTHING in the whole house must be toddler-proofed, not just the room in which he plays with his toys. Noted.


  1. My kids do things like that all the time. We used to keep the cereal in a lower cabinet in the kitchen but now my two tots seem to get into it all the time. I've found rice crispy's scattered on the floor, cheerios...they even get into my corn flakes. So now we are in the process of relocating our cereal or purchasing a child lock for the cabinet. At least he didn't make a huge mess like my little ones always do.

  2. Jensen helped himself to the cereal. Sat on the couch and ate it while I talked on the phone. Then passed out.

    We've been talking about how we only eat a little sugar at a time. Hope that helps his attitude toward food in the future. I hope compulsive overeating can be avoided through behavior modification & brain washing.

  3. Ohmigosh, I loved this!!! I love that his big grin masked his stealthy little maneuver. That's what you get for having such a smart baby!

  4. oh my word, this made me laugh, he is definitely going to keep you on your toes!

  5. My toddler Brazil has been getting into the bathroom running water in the sink and "cleaning" her toys! these include battery operated toys! she is a little sneak lately she waits till I am out of the room!


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