Sunday, January 4, 2009

Everyday Life: A new year, a new address

I've moved!
Well, kinda.
We didn't pack up the house and flee to a warmer climate even though every time it snows/ices/freezing rains I beg John to get me outta here faster than Gov. Blagojevich denies charges of trying to auction off Barack Obama's Senate seat; instead, I've finally picked a domain name, which means I have a new, permanent blog address that is way easier to remember and way easier to type.
You can now access my blog by typing Feel free to drop by unexpectedly and often. Oh, and bring friends. I love friends. Think of my blog as a big Italian wedding without the vodka shots and secret mafia meetings after the vows. The more the merrier.
And for those of you who just cannot handle change, it's OK. You still can go to the old address and find all the normal things -- discussions about toddler poop, tips for babywearing, help and encouragement for breastfeeding, stories about raising Gabe and confessionals about the difference between mommies and daddies.
I'm glad to be around for another year of writing, parenting and writing about parenting. Happy 2009, friends. :)


  1. Hello, I don't need more change. :)

  2. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog, commenting and becoming a follower :). I hope your husband is recovering well after his surgery. Love your photo in front of the Pyramids - how come falling in love in Egypt doesn't surprise me ... LOL. Happy New Year to you and yours and I'll be passing by again.

  3. You have a great blog! Definitely adding this one to my Reader.

  4. Hey! And did you go to Twenty Something Bloggers? I thought I sent you an invite, but they seem to have a huge following of "mommy blogs" on there, as well as random ones like mine. :) I've been having lots of fun on the site and gaining new readers. You should join and be my friend. Just google Twenty Something Bloggers and sign up, if you like.

    Wow, I sound like such a spokeswoman. Why am I a journo again? haha


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