Saturday, January 24, 2009

Everyday Life: Our favorite playmate leaves for vacation today

You know you're a lucky dog when your family decides you're totally worth the money it takes to send you on a vacation to Texas in the middle of the cold-Chicago winter. Today C-dog leaves for the hunting trainer's house. The trainer will take him and a few other lucky pups to Texas for a few months of hunting training. So, I suppose it won't be a total vacation for C-dog, but I do happen to think he's going to very much enjoy himself while romping around in warm spaces and interacting with other pups. I also think he's going to feel like he is on vacation after yesterday's nap-time fiasco.

However, as much as he's going to enjoy himself and the lack of nap-induced crying, C-dog is also going to miss us. You see, G is Chase's favorite playmate, and C-dog ranks No. 1 on G's list of buddies, too. They follow each other everywhere. And they eat each other's food, much to my dislike. They are good buddies.
I also have this feeling that while C-dog is in Texas, he's not going to get to do much lounging on the furniture. His newest cozy spot in our home is on the recliner, and I'm pretty sure there are no recliners for him in Texas. And my gut tells me that the trainer won't allow me to send along a recliner for my dog so he can relax at the end of a hard day.

And I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't going to miss him a great deal. Who's going to snuggle me while I read during my quiet time? And who's going to bark and greet me when I walk into the door? And who's going to clean up all of the messes G makes during lunch and dinner? (Oh, wait, that would be me and the vacuum!) Yes, I know that he's just a dog, but he's my dog. And I'm going to miss him while he's on vacation. I should have taught him how to write postcards and send pictures while I was teaching him how to give Little Cutie a bottle. ;)


  1.'re sending your dog on vacation??? Whoever heard of such a thing? I mean, obviously you have and I guess now I have but...whoa. I want my dogs to go on vacation! And also to behave a whole lot better when they come back.

  2. Man, I need someone to send ME to Texas for a little vacation--I wouldn't even need a recliner or anything!

  3. Hope Gabe doesn't want to hunt. He may find himself in a reclinerless-home in Texas.......


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