Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everyday Life: The wonders of bodily functions

I know I write a lot about bodily functions on this blog. (I would have posted this yesterday, but I was busy with my own bodily fluids as I seem to have caught G's flu bug from last week.) I've casually shared numerous stories about pee, poop, breastmilk, blood and other bodily fluids the way some women talk about shoes or purses. I thought maybe this might be kind of strange, so I considered digressing from these types of posts for 2009. But, I'm sorry; I just cannot neglect blogging about these things during the next year because it's simply a part of motherhood. It's honestly a fact that mothers have to either become comfortable with all of the bodily fluids that can be eliminated from the body projectile style or hire a nanny who can deal with it. And because mothers must find a level of acceptance, I must write about it while including the gory details.

Plus, the wonders of many of these bodily fluids are quite amazing. I admit that poop and vomit are not categorized under "amazing," but you have to admit other ones are definitely. For example, blood. How cool is blood? It keeps you alive, it tells of possible infections or problems with in the body. It turns from blue to red when it meets oxygen. Blood is certainly cool. It's not quite as cool when it's dripping all over white carpeting, but for the most part, I categorize it under amazing.

And breastmilk? Breastmilk is awesome. I could rave about the wonders of breastmilk all day long. It has naturally occurring antibodies, macrophages that gobble up bad bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce swelling.

And pee! Urine is really cool. I mean, you can pee on a stick and find our you're expecting another baby to arrive sometime around September 14, 2009. For those of you who need me to spell it out --G is going to be a big brother this fall.

And it's a good thing you are comfortable with all this talk about bodily fluids and functions, because I'm going to be blogging my way through the pregnancy, labor and post-delivery. We're again choosing to do pregnancy and childbirth the natural way. And I'll be detailing our thoughts about perhaps opting for a home birth. So the new label will be pregnancy. :)


  1. aw :-] i have another little niece or nephew bun in your oven... :-]

  2. Yippee!!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Great way to announce another pregnancy--by talking about pee, blood, breastmilk and vomit. :)


  4. Congratulations Sweetheart!!

  5. so you peed on the stick on sept 14th 2008 or you expect another baby on sept 14th, 2009?

    either way. AWESOME! im so happy! now i can call this one "Bun" since i agreed to call Gabe, Gabe.


  6. congrats! late though it is since i'm behind in my blog readings! do u import these into FB?


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