Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snapshot: Dr. Jill Balla Shaw, D.C.

note: In order to bring you accurate information concerning hot parenting issues, I've teamed with some local professionals who have agreed to share their knowledge in each of their fields of expertise. I will regularly consult with the professionals when writing about topics like breastfeeding, babywearing, health and natural childbirth, prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care and child rearing. Here is the third of four profiles, each of which will help you get to know the professionals who will be interviewed for other posts!

Unfortunately, pain is the motivating factor for many people to see a chiropractor; And even more unfortunate, I was one of those people. While chiropractors can help manage health by relieving pain caused by sublaxations or misalignment in the neck and back, Dr. Jill Balla Shaw, D.C. said good chiropractic care can be key to maintaining and achieving maximum general health.

"The spine protects the spinal chord," Shaw said. "The nervous system controls every organ and cell in the body, it has master control of the whole body. When the brain sends a signals down the spinal chord, the signal goes out to nerves that come out between the vertebrates on either side of the spine. Those nerves send messages to the organ it’s attached to. Those organs send signals back to nerve through spinal chord to brain. It's how we know our bladders are full or our stomachs are empty. It's how we know our heartbeat is increased."

Chiropractors strive to maintain alignment in their patients' spines so their patients' bodies can function healthfully.

"Our concern is making sure those nerves can give the full signal to brain or to the organ or tissue back to brain," Shaw said. "When there's a misalignment in the vertebrae, it can affect the signal from the brain or nerve."

Bedwetting by a potty-trained child is a classic problem that can easily be fixed by chiropractic care.

"A child who is potty trained may wet bed for no apparent reasons," she said. "He just doesn’t happen to wake up. This is a great example of the brain not getting the full signal from the bladder. Typically, we see a misalignment in the sacrum; when the child falls asleep, he doesn’t get the full signal that the bladder is full enough to wake up. When we adjust the spine, we see the child wakes up to go and stops wetting bed."

And there are other cases where misalignments cause weak signals between the brain and an organ.

"Imagine that happening in adults with their hearts, kidneys, thyroids, pancreas and colons," she said. "If you have a sublaxation or misalignment, then those tissues aren’t getting the full signal to brain or vice versa, and we see a breakdown in health. My primary job is to take care of the nervous system."

Dr. Shaw also specializes in helping couples who deal with infertility problems, women who are pregnant and nursing and pediatric chiropractic care. Additionally, she focuses on helping her patients achieve overall, balanced nutrition. Stay tuned for more pregnancy posts regarding prenatal chiropractic care and infertility treatment. And note, please, that Dr. Shaw is not one of those doctors who specializes in pediatrics but doesn't seem to love kids. Her sense of humor, knowledge, easy-going nature as well as comfort and love for kids helps mamas relax, share important medical information and, ultimately, heal. And bonus points: she barely even flinched yesterday when Gabe dumped the entire contents of her supplement basket on the floor while she was adjusting my poor, poor, misaligned spine.

Area of expertise: Dr. Jill Balla Shaw specializes in pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care. She also promotes wellness through nutritional counseling and general chiropractic care.

Credentials: Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic
Webster Certified (prenatal chiropractic care)
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

Life Away From Work: wife and lover of volleyball and photography

Need her help?
6475 Washington Street, Suite 104, Gurnee, IL 60031

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