Friday, April 10, 2009

Babywearing: How You Wear

Stephanie over at Adventures in Babywearing asked all of us babywearing mamas to share our favorite babywearing pictures, tips or carriers. And she promised that for playing along, one of us lucky mamas might be chosen to win a copy of Attached at the Heart, an Attachment Parenting book. :) Talk about babywearing and share pictures? And have a chance to win a book that isn't about animal noises or the ABCs? Well, Steph, twist my arm, but OK!

Confessions of a mei tai lover, part one:

You know those really sweet, super pretty, abundantly padded carriers I spent a whole lot of money on and adored?

Exhibit A: Lovely Kindercarry

Exhibit B: Beautiful Wraptation

Well, they are not getting a lot lovin' during this pregnancy. Why?

Because the Hotsling I bought for $38 on TheBabyWearer is hands down the most comfortable babywearing-while-pregnant carrier I've found. I just haven't wanted anything to touch my lower abdomen, so you can rule out all my fancy-smancy mei tais with their long albeit padded waist straps. And I have been a little overheated while growing bean number two so wrapping hasn't been my first choice lately either. During the first trimester, after I'd all but dismissed my pouch as a summer-only carrier, I dug it out of the stashcase (read also: suitcase that contains my stash of carriers) and tried it on thinking that there was no way a one-shouldered carrier like a pouch would be a great carrier for my heavy toddler.

You can imagine my shock after realizing that my poor, neglected Hotsling actually fit my toddlerwearing-while-pregnant requirements:

It's lightweight.
It's supportive and snug.
It's pretty.
It's easy to manage the continual up and down requests that come with wearing a toddler.
And it doesn't bug my abdomen.

Exhibit C: Perfect. Our adored Hotsling.

I'm sure I'll love all of my beloved mei tais again after our next baby is born, but until then Viva La Hotsling!


  1. That is awesome! I've had that happen a couple times- a much un-loved carrier becomes my FAVE suddenly! So good to have a few around just for that! Love the mei tais, too!


  2. Cool story. You guys look cute!

  3. I got an Ergo carrier for my baby you know much about them? I also received what amounts to a sling for an infant and then one other carrier similar to the Ergo. My cousin bought a type of wrap...the Moby I think she said...What are your thoughts on these especially for an infant? You can email me back if you'd like. :) Nicole

  4. I so wish I would have known about slings like this when I had Mister Man. Little Miss was always so tiny and light that she was easy, but these would have been perfect with him. *sigh*

    And chiro? We LOVE our chiro. Both kids see one and huge differences in both of them. Good luck with it!

  5. Hey, did I miss the contest?!? I had an unprompted babywearing post just last week. :)

    I love my pouch (Peanut Shell). It is my tried-and-true carrier that I can always count on. It is the only carrier that I could still wear (and did wear) at nine months pregnant with dd (the day I delivered her).


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