Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everyday Life: Vacation is over!

C-dog came home from training, and he's grown into a beautiful dog. He's still personable, snugly and eager to please ... but now he's trained in obedience and basic hunting. And he's a little calmer, which is nice because the chaos of a puppy and toddler is not something I'd want to handle daily while baking the new bun.

You can see how good natured this pup is ... I don't know many dogs who let their toddlers sit on them ala a rocking horse.
It's been nice to have the peaceful moments where the toddler is snuggling C-dog and C-dog is plainly sitting there soaking up the lovin', but don't be fooled; these two are back to their double-trouble-making ways.
Just two days ago, I caught the toddler and C-dog digging a big hole in the back yard. The toddler was using his shovel, and C-dog was using his paws. Upon being caught, they both looked at me wide-eyed, looked at each other, their faces covered in guilt, and abandoned the hole-digging promptly.
They also unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper and dragged it around the playroom.
Of course, these have been minor disturbances, and overall, their interactions have been quite adorable even aside from the snuggling.
When C-dog perches himself under the toddler's chair during mealtime and the toddler is feeling overly crowded, the toddler simply says "dog, move please." Of course, this makes me laugh and warms my heart because the toddler speaks to the pup like he's a member of the family, using manners and his polite voice. It's like he doesn't recognize that just because C-dog is a dog doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve love.
And I especially love how each other are concerned about the other's whereabouts. Last night when C-dog was outside and very badly wanted in, the toddler continually ran to the door and notified me that the doggy was "knock knock on door."
And C-dog doesn't particularly like it when I shut the door while G is using the potty; he much would rather sit there and watch him, probably in hopes that they will have another romp of unraveling massive wads of toilet paper and frolicking in them again. Sigh. Boys.
Do you know what just hit me? I'm going to be highly outnumbered by the males in this house come September. Even the dog is testosterone-filled. I'm going to need that mojito stat come this fall.


  1. The toilet paper... why is it so much fun for dogs and children? Actually, I guess the fun doesn't end there, considering all the toilet papered homes I see during football season.

    It's so sweet that they get along, just like (or better than) regular people.

  2. How exciting- 2 little boys! lol- pass some of that water my way!

  3. I'm loving the "dog, move please." That is too adorable! How cool is it that they are BFF's?!


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