Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me! Monday: Boy oh boy!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Normally, you could head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week, but she's still in the hospital taking care of sweet baby Stellan. Would you pray for baby Stellan? He's recovering after heart surgery, and she sure would like to take her little one home soon.**Monday afternoon update: Stellan is going HOME!!! Praise God!!!**

When we went to our ultrasound last Friday, I so was not mentally prepared for having twins and having to learn a completely different way of life. And when the ultrasound technician told me there was just ONE baby, I did not ask her if she was certain -- as if she wouldn't have identified rightaway that there were two babies at first glance during a 19 week and five day ultrasound. And I was not clearly psyched to be having only one baby this time around because I have the perfect newborn baby carrier that I desperately want to use and if we actually had been having twins, I never would have been able to enjoy it as much. Clearly, I am sane, and I'm actually thankful for having only one this time around because that means that sleep will be in my near future, and I will still have time for the two bigger boys in my life. Clearly, I never would have only wanted to have one baby at a time for babywearing reasons.

While we're talking about ultrasounds, when the technician asked if we wanted to the know the gender and we said yes, I did not also ask her if she was sure this baby was a BOY(!) even though I clearly saw his little weenie and stuff when he spread eagle for his on-screen debut. Nope, not me! I did not let myself become brainwashed into thinking this baby had to have been a girl based on old wives tales and other peoples' very unmedical hunches because I am reasonable and know that one cannot predict gender is such unmedical ways.

And I was not clearly elated about having a boy mainly because this leaves the window of discussion open about perhaps having a third child since John really wants a daughter someday. No way! I was not already silently mourning in my head pre-ultrasound and PRE-BIRTH the fact that I would have only one more newborn to snuggle and watch grow because if this baby would have been a girl, that certainly would have sealed the deal on kids. So thank you, little boy, for being a little boy -- not only because God made you special and wonderful and a little boy, but also because this means we might have a bigger family now, and you might have to wait in line someday to use the bathroom at our house and share all of your toys with even more siblings.

Well, your turn. What didn't you do during this past week? I know you want to spill it with me. It would make a really pregnant and emotional woman very happy to read about other people's crazy moments. Unless, of course, you all don't have any and that's why you visit my blog -- to laugh at the ridiculous things I do ... and think ... and say ... and then have the nerve to confess. If that's the case, then could we at least pretend you're laughing with me? OK, thanks. But I'd feel even better if you confessed to a little bit of crazy, too.


  1. Nope, I'm laughing AT you. ;)

    Twins would be rough... especially as newborns. Hooray for sleep!

  2. Congratulations on the news of another boy! I'm about 25 weeks now and still haven't had an ultrasound. But that's another long story.

  3. Hurrah for baby carriers. YAY! Perfectly good reasoning!

  4. Oh how fun! A really good friend of mine just found out today that she's having a boy. Who's measuring 2 weeks big. Whose daddy is now cheering for his "draft day baby."

    And the twins sling thing? You crack me up. I wanted twins the first time around because I wanted to be done with the lack of sleep, etc. But yikes... twins after a first baby? I don't think I could do it! enjoy!

  5. Congratulations on the news of your sweet baby boy! I am so proud of the life that you have made for yourself. Once in a while I ponder the past and remember laying in my mom's basement singing Counting Crow's songs with you. Frankly, it really doesn't seem that long ago. We were like sisters back then. Congrats HyC! :)



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