Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Everyday Life: Boobies?

I just had a conversation with my 21 month old about anatomy.

I am a little stunned. And I'm not really stunned about his questioning of body part; I'm mostly shocked because of his newest word to describe a certain body part: boobies.

Wait, what? We don't use that word to describe the bumpy chest area that produces milk and is commonly found on mommies. No, no. We've always used the technical term here -- breasts. And the toddler, for as long as I can remember, has always used an even more technical word for them -- milks. But I guess since he stopped nursing after I lost all of my milk sometime in the middle of this pregnancy that he must have needed a new word for them because they just weren't living up their name anymore. So they are boobies now.

And I have no idea from where he got this sort of language. It's like because he weaned he suddenly turned into a teenage boy overnight. Now I know that boys, especially as they grow older, begin to form quite an affinity for this body part, but I thought I, at least, had about ten more years before we started having these kinds of conversation. I thought at least he might be out of diapers first. But I was wrong. Here's how it all started:

The toddler was lying on the floor with his head on the dog's stomach. He turned around and pointed to the dog's nipples and declared "boobies!"

"What did you say?" I asked him.

"Boobies!" he declared again and pointed at the dog's nipples.

"Um, those are not called boobies!" I replied, still kind of shocked.

The toddler looked confused. He came over to me and then pointed at my chest and declared, "boobies!"

"Um, yes, breasts. But I guess what you said is right, too," I admitted not wanting to confuse him. It's not like "boobies" is a dirty word. Or inappropriate. I guess it's an easy word to describe said anatomy. I guess we can go with it.

The toddler immediately jumped down and pointed to his chest and declared "boobies."

"Um, no, honey," I said, quite awkwardly. "Boys don't have, umm, boobies. You and the dog are boys."

"Boys no have boobies," the toddler said quite seriously.

"You're right," I said. "No, boys don't have, ugh, boobies."

He looked me square in the eye and very solemnly said, "Daddy no have boobies, mommy."

I guess the toddler thought I needed a bit of education. And with that I will agree -- though I know my husband does not, in fact, have boobies, I do NOT know where this new word came from. And I do not know what has tipped off this new fascination. It's not like we ever watch TV, and he doesn't attend school. And I hope to God he isn't learning this in the church nursery, so where oh where did boobies come from?!


  1. I should not have come here while I'm on campus - I just laughed out loud and a grape shot out of my mouth.

    That boy cracks me up!

    Wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but sadly, I'm still trying to figure out what to tell him when he (continuously) asks me what I have - that's not a penis. He's no longer satisfied with his own "two butts" theory. Aahhh... something you can look forward to, eh? :)

  2. Re smoke alarm - I was LMAO about it as well about 10 minutes after!

    It has shown up flaws in our system though, and that has to be a godd learning experience for all of us.

  3. lol

    Yep, sounds like nursery is the culprit.

    Ah, just words ay?

  4. I think that "boobie" term goes around kids' circles pretty early on. I nursed all of my 4 kids. My daughter (who is now 3) will point to my chest and tell me that they are called "nurse". She shows me "nurse" on her barbie dolls, and tells me that of course, boys don't have "nurse". Someday I'll have to explain this to her. Who knows how she'll confuse a real nurse one day?

  5. I think you'd better double-up on that "hope to God" because God's got some crazy words roaming around the church nursery!


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