Friday, May 8, 2009

Everyday Life: Did he really just mommy his mommy?

The toddler has been wonderfully snugly and affectionate, well, his whole life. But lately, I've been able to see his love for us sparkling in his eyes -- it's the look of a child who knows and feels he's quite adored. And it makes me wonderfully excited to know that he feels the kind of love we have for him -- a deeply rooted, feel-it-in-our-bones type of love.
Mon at Holistic Mama just wrote a post about loving her daughter and knowing that her daughter feels loved, and it has inspired me to share this story with you because I often feel the same way she describes in her post.

Today the toddler showed me another glimpse of his understanding of love and gentleness. He was using the potty before nap time and had just finished lunch. I knelt in front of him and wiped the jelly away from his mouth gently with a wipe. I then handed him a book and waited for him to finish his business while he "read" to be because that's normally how he likes his potty time to go. Instead of reading the book like normal, though, he said, "book down, mama .... nose!! nose!!" A little confused, I took the book from him and leaned forward to touch his nose. But then he said, "no! mama nose!" I took my hands away from his nose and put my face toward him. He reached over and using his index finger, he gently wiped a little bit of jelly off my nose. He finally declared, "All better, mama. All clean!" And as I looked it his pretty green eyes, I noticed how they shined with all of his love for me just like I imagine mine look when I show him how much I love him. It was a very special moment, and I'm glad that I wasn't too busy to embrace it just because I was trying to get him to his nap on time.

He's such a little joy. And I can only pray that I see that look of feeling adored and the look of adoration in his eyes as he grows and becomes a young man. Because we learn to love by being loved. And that's one thing I really, really want for him.


  1. VERY sweet.

    It's not quite as straight-forward with my LO. She's a willful fiery character. She isn't gentle either, lol.

    I think I see that she knows she's loved by the fact that she trusts that it's ok to be willful. If you know what I mean. I think she feels safe to be everything that she is. And it's tiring! lol

  2. That is very cute! My toddler just hits me when she gets mad.... I hope she starts to have that look soon! hehe

  3. What a sweet moment, and a sweet boy!

  4. What a beautiful moment; I wish you many more like these throughout his life.

  5. Such a sweet, lovely post. These are the moments to treasure. Happy Mother's Day! I'm glad that I came by your blog today :)

  6. The AC is now nearly 6, and I am still getting that look - I am a very lucky Mummy! And "the best girl that ever was"

  7. Oh, that is precious! My little guy is always on the go or in a bad mood, so when he shows the slightest concern or tender gesture, I melt!



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