Friday, May 1, 2009

Everyday Life: A little nap goes a long way

During days when it seems like nothing is going right because ...

*you've found another gray hair has sprouted up in an extremely obvious manner among the very dark, coppery brown hairs on your head at the very, very young and prime age of 26 ...

*the yard turned into a muddy mess with 100s of tiny ponds scattered sneakily throughout the knee-high grass, all of which have grown exponentially from all of the rain and your golden retriever is now a muddy retriever who looks much like you would imagine Swamp Thing to look after emerging from the swamp ...

*it just won't stop raining and, hello, Swamp Thing is now your dog and your yard might need to be recommitted as a protected wetland rehabilitation area ...
*you turn on the news to catch the weather while praying for the weatherman to pleasepleaseplease tell you it will stop raining and you won't have to build an ark or a moat around your house to help drain the backyard and the weather is interrupted by an anchorperson who has breaking news about the swine flu/H1n1 virus having been found in a student at another area school when, duh, we get it -- this virus spreads and I don't need minute-by-minute updates ...

*your toddler refuses to drink milk that isn't chocolate and demands you "make better, please!!" instantly ...

*you crave a blended chai tea drink but the employees at the new coffee shop that bought out your old favorite coffee shop just cannot seem to understand how to make it even though it doesn't take a degree in biomechanical coffee-drink crafting because it only involves dumping THREE ingredients into a blender and blending ...

it definitely helps when everyone conks out at the same time

so a mommy can enjoy the fruitfulness of nap time as well by passing out for two hours on the couch. And after two gloriously peaceful hours of sleep in the middle of the day, I really don't care if I have to enlist swamp dog to occupy the moat I've handcrafted around my house because of torrential rains ... someone's gotta guard the moat, because I don't think the homeowners' association would look too kindly upon us having alligators.


  1. Hyacynth...I love you! :)


  2. It's a toss up between the beauty of a nap and the Grand Canyon.

  3. It sounds like you need a trip to the Chocolate Festival. Or Strawberry Festival coming up ;)

    On the plus side, it was a gorgeous and non-rainy weekend this weekend!

    And have you tried coloring the milk vs putting 1/8 the recommended amount of Ovaltine in it? Little Miss swears blue tastes like the sky and purple like violets. Mister Man insists on the Ovaltine though (<1/4 t per 8 oz cup).

    And chai... have you tried the one Tastefully Simple makes? You heat a cup of water, add the mix, stir, put ice in a cup and pour the hot atop and then add milk. Yum! In fact, I think I need to go get one now myself...

  4. lol, yay to simultaneous sleeping!


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