Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everyday Life: Some people have over-active imaginations

You all know that I always think about things that could happen but probably never will happen -- like I have fears that perhaps Gabe will one day get stuck inside the cooler and suffocate, but the chances of that happening since we're always around when he's playing with it and since it would be really hard to cram his body entirely into it and shut the lid, probably are slim to none.

And because I just made myself extra paranoid about it by writing it down, it has even less of a chance of happening because as soon as I'm done writing this entry, I'm locking it away behind the closed door of the basement. Ahem. Back to where I was going with this ...

So we all know I think about terribly strange things that have the probability of .000000000000000001 of ever happening. Therefore, you would think that I would have previously thought of an extremely dangerous safety hazard I've been posing to my child since I began wearing him when he was two weeks old: crushing him to death.

"Ummmm, what??," you are maybe thinking.

Well, I never had thought about this until the lady at the grocery store began questioning my practice of babywearing.

Lady: He's grown so much! How can you still carry him like that?

Me: Wearing him in the wrap is just like giving him a piggy-back ride, so it's not really that
Lady: I remember when you wore him in the front when he was a baby.

Me: Yes, he certainly has always loved being close and having such a great view.

Lady: We didn't have those things when my kids were little ... which is good. Because I would have been afraid that I would fall on them and crush them.

Me, completely stunned at the turn in the conversation: Oh, I guess I've never really worried about that.

Lady: Yeah, what if you fall and land on him?

Me, still a little surprised that I, of all people, had never thought of this: Um, I guess I've never thought about it because I typically don't walk around and fall down on a regular basis ... so I guess I just assumed I probably wouldn't fall on him while wearing him.

Lady, kind of serious, kind of not: I guess I'm just a klutz.

Me, trying to smile: We've never had any problems.

Lady: I hope you never do ... did you see those cute carts we have that look like cars.

Me: Thanks a lot! Have a nice day.

Not even I, who has the worry-wort grandmother gene embedded into her genetic code, have even thought about falling on the toddler and completely crushing him while wearing him. And if I did fall, I have a feeling I would probably, you know, not totally crush him since I do have arms, after all, with which to brace myself. When I normally fall, I typically just don't tip over ala humpty dumpty without trying to brace myself for the fall by using said arms. Jeesh, some people have really over-active imaginations. And you all thought I was ridiculous. Off to banish the cooler from our sights.


  1. Hahaha! I typically fall down a lot, so maybe baby wearing is not for me.

    The cooler thing? Not such an irrational fear, really. Remember that Punky Brewster episode with the old fridge? (Somehow I'm sure you watched Punky Brewster)

  2. You know, I've actually fallen while carrying (not in a carrier, but my arms) the wee ones... and each time, I've managed to completely spare them and pay attention to only them and injure just myself. There's totally a self preservation instinct. The woman must not have been a mom :)

  3. This seems like such an odd thing to say! I mean, if you're jsut carrying a baby in your arms, you could fall too, and plenty of people do that! Plus, you're more likely to hurt the baby that way than if it's close to your body for protection rather than helter-skelter as you fall! Sheesh.

    I totally would freak about the cooler too...I saw Punky Brewster, I know how it works. :)

  4. Please integrate fear into all future future parenting decisions. Especially fear of the absurd, illogical and statistically very very very very very unlikely.

    And take parenting advice from the lady at the grocery story.

  5. You could fall with him in a carrier. You could fall with him in your arms. You could fall whilst pushing him in a stroller.

    Better stay at home on the sofa with a good book and biscuits!

  6. And thankyou for your prayers. God gave me the yes/no feeling as I walked around the place. And it was a no. Other people may call it a "vibe" I see it as God letting me know where he wants me to be - or not.

    But thankyou, clarity was received.

  7. I have about and actually fallen while wearing and carrying little ones...no you don't crush them...momma instinct gets you hurt...remember my bruised elbows!

  8. See you all know what I mean. And Colleen's story about falling while wearing Ruth is a good example of what happens -- she hurt herself, but Ruth was fine.

  9. My toddler was "safely" in the cart at a store, when my older child was playfully talking to him and started hanging on the front end of the cart. Before I knew what was happening (I was looking at crafting supplies, got distracted for a few seconds) the cart fell forward, on top of my 3-year old, with the 1-year old stuck in the front seat area! It was the "standard" way of doing things, but if I had been wearing my baby (not really possible as he's 30 lbs. and I'm pregnant) it would have been safer!!! So you never know what's going to happen.
    Ironically, with two kids scream-crying at the shock they just recieved, and a mommy slightly irritated at the silly thing her older child did, not ONE person came around to see if we were okay. There were at least 1-2 employees nearby and a few customers shopping. I was kind of saddened at the lack of concern!

  10. Actually, I should clarify that the part my son was hanging on was the handle part- so maybe that's considered the "back?" It fell down handle-first, as well, so my toddler wasn't suspended in the air, but on the ground pointed face-first. Confused yet?

  11. LOL, have you heard my "falling while babywearing story?" It has only happened one time. I was tandem wearing the kids (Lily in a FWCC in our Ellaroo Seattle and Ben on my back in the Ergo). I was walking through Disneyland and somehow managed to trip over my own flipflop. I fell straight to the ground landing in a way that *neither* kid touched the ground (and Lily remained asleep in the wrap)! My shoulder/arm/hip/knee (aka the whole right side of my body) were scraped up soooooo bad! People came running. It was VERY embarrassing. Especially when several people made nasty babywearing comments because I was the picture of bad babywearing. KWIM? It was horrible, but neither kid was smashed. :P

  12. When hubby worked at Target, they were constantly calling paramedics for kids with head injuries from falling out of carts. Just don't go running on ice : )


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