Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everyday Life: The things he says ...

Now that the toddler is talking in more than just two or three word sentences, he's become quite the chatter box. Of course, he mostly parrots the things we say the most often, so it's been quite interesting to hear some of what sticks ... and it's been quite interesting (and perhaps more than a little revealing) to hear about the way our life together generally functions by hearing him repeat over and over what we say most often ...

Me: "Honey, could you help mommy by putting on your coat and shoes?"
The toddler: No poblem! (translation: no problem!)

My thought: Oh, good. We joyfully help each other and that is apparent to the toddler. (Or at least we act joyful about helping.)

The toddler upon realizing that his left shoe doesn't work on his right foot: "Ugh. No fit. Try again."

My thought: I think I groan a lot when things don't work out. But at least I encourage us all to keep truckin'!

At the grocery store as we come across some cans of tomatoes that fell on the floor ...
The toddler: "Oh, no! Big mess. Clean it up!"

My thought: Welllll, we do come across an awful lot of messes during the day, so it's fitting.

On our walk throughout the neighborhood, we happened to cross paths with a fallen basketball net:
The toddler: "Mama! Fell down. samone daddy need a picki up! (translation: someone's daddy needs to pick that up!)"

My thought: Poor, poor hubby. Even the toddler knows his poor daddy has to do the dirty work!

The toddler, upon walking into the bathroom while I'm peeing: "Goo job! Pee pee in the potty! No pee pees in diaper."

My thought: It is good to pee in the potty ... and that I didn't pee pee in my diaper ... er underwear.

The toddler when watching the dog enter into the house in a virtual state of mud: "Dirty, dirty! Keeellel up!" (translation: kennel up, which means get thy dirty butt into thy kennel.)

My thought: We need to deswampify the backyard so that swamp dog can return to his normal identity of a golden retriever.

The toddler, while we were stuck in traffic on the way to Jewel a few days ago: "Honhon! Bee bee horn. Push horn. Goo byebye! Go faster!" (translation: honk honk beep beep)

My thought: .... patience in the midst of traffic is NOT my strong suit.

Well, you know what they say ... from the mouths of babes!


  1. I'm laughing hysterically at at the "goo job" on the potty one. Bahaha!

    It's so funny that he said someone's daddy needs to pick it up - they assume everything is just like at their own house. (Monsoon thinks all daddy's do laundry)

  2. LOL, those are adorable. I once had the most positive reinforcement of my parenting from a total stranger. We were at a BBQ at a friend's house when Ben was about 2.5 years old. The person walked up to me and said "you must live in a very *positive* house because your son gives everyone around him positive encouragement and recognition."

    I was floored. That person was right. I do affirm every good thing my children do. I find it much more rewarding than punishing the bad behavior. It made my day to see that it has such an impact on my kids that total strangers can see it. :)

  3. Six out of seven is pretty good.

    Mark and I debate who taught Jensen the word "bucket" (only with an f). I swear it wasn't me.

    On the positive side, Jensen woo'ed his daycare provider with his use of "please" and "thank you."

  4. Hmmm... In my response to your comment, I literally just typed about you shortly to be having your own chatterbox to keep you entertained -- and yes, I used those exact words. Freaky! I love seeing how they pick things up from us!

  5. Let's hope he remembers all he learned through to the teenage years!

  6. It's always so interesting to see ourselves through the mirror held up by our children, huh?

    Not only do I hope he holds onto his wonderful lessons, I hope you hold onto the knowledge of what a wonderful mama you are...especially on those days when things are going rough!


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