Sunday, May 31, 2009

Everyday Life: Things we never thought we would say ...

Sometimes I cannot believe what comes out of my mouth while I'm parenting ... and my husband feels the same way. Just this weekend, we've told the toddler ...

"Those are not your balls; sorry, but you cannot play with them." (This one gets me every time; don't ask me how I channel the mind of a 12-year-old boy when it comes to that word.)

"Daddy is using your sippy cup right now. You cannot have it because he has yucky germs right now. I know it's yours, but please share it with daddy." (Good old hubby caught a killer strain of the flu virus and actually needed a sippy cup to drink from because he couldn't sit up.)

"If you put your foot in the dog's water dish one more time ... "

"If you said you have to poop, then you need to go poop!"

"Don't dribble water out of your mouth. You are not a fountain. We swallow our water."

"Honey, don't touch your weenie. It has pee pee on it, and pee is not for your hands. It's for the toilet."

"We only eat two vitamins a day. You can have more tomorrow."

"Do not drop your fish oil pill in the toilet. I will not give you another one."

I think I need a vacation.


  1. Sometimes parenting is surreal. And I find it's hard not to giggle when talking about balls. Glad I'm not alone.

  2. I'm so glad i'm not the only one who cracks up at the mention of balls :)

  3. Yaaaaay, another needy family for my Wipe the Weiner campaign! I shall be delivering the yard sign very soon.


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