Friday, May 29, 2009

Everyday Life: The ups and downs of living with the cuddle monster

He didn't get it from me.

I'm not the kind to snuggle the day away, much to my husband's dismay. So, you see, he must of have gotten it from his daddy. Though he's growing older and more active, the toddler has not given up his desire for cuddling multiple times a day and night.

Sometimes it's very endearing ...
sometimes it makes my mommy heart melt ...
but other times, like at night, when my hubby and I are trying to spend some time together and get a few things done, this need to snuggle, at first, seems a little overwhelming.

But then the timeline unfolds ...
9:30 p.m. ... The toddler wanders out of his room to find daddy for some back-to-sleep cuddles ...

10:00 p.m. ... My hubby reemerges and falls asleep in our bed ...

10:40 p.m. ... The toddler wanders into our room wanting more daddy cuddles

7 a.m. ... My husband wanders back into our room, dazed and confused as to how he spent the entire night in the toddler's bed snuggling with him ...

while I simultaneously muse about the wonderful night's sleep I had not having to gently remove my husband's arm from over my large emerging belly in his attempts to snuggle. And I also marvel in my head about how I got to make a pillow castle out of the entire queen-size bed -- ahh, a pregnant woman's dream. In fact, I wonder, I only woke up to pee once last night. Suddenly, this snuggling thing seems to have no pitfalls whatsoever.

So, dear toddler, keep it up. I see this as a win-win situation.


  1. Snuggly cuddles are great. Even now, when the AC is nearly 6, and is strong enough to knock me over when he leans in with all his might for a cuddle, I loves them.

  2. lol, ooh, bed to yourself and sleeeeep, ahhhhhh

    I love cuddles and snuggles.

  3. Ooooooo, very NIIIIICE. I luuurve having a bed to myself. And I like snuggling too, just not when I'm trying to sleep. Looks like you've got a win-win situation there!

  4. Oh, the solitary pillow castle, how I miss thee!


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