Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Everyday Life: Hairy situations

You know you need to vacuum the dog hairs from the floor when ...

1. Your toddler screams "mouth dirty ... HAIRS!" after trying to take a drink of the water bottle he dropped on the floor and desperately tries to rid his mouth of the 25 hairs that seemed to get stuck in it ...

2. Your toddler finds hair clusters on the floor and demands "mommy vacuum now!"

3. And when you don't move fast enough to get to the vacuum, the toddler gets it for you

4. You're folding laundry in the living room and find that the shirt on the bottom of the pile is now a dog-hair/silk blend ... not exactly posh like angora

5. You have a friend come over with her crawling babe, and the babe gathers enough dog hair in her hands to donate and fund the building of an entire birds' nest community

And, to make it extra sweet, you JUST vacuumed TWO DAYS AGO!

Swamp dog is apparently turning into Cousin It Dog. I hear an electric razor doing its thing near the Shag Monster in the near future.

No one needs a fur coat in the summer anyway.


  1. You really cracked me up with the "Cousin It" reference. It does sound like a hair invasion at your place. That must be tough having to vacuum all the time. Especially pregnant. Maybe you can bribe hubby...

  2. What a great entertaining article! It does sound like your dog needs a haircut. I sure wish I could cut my cats' fur! They are both long haired cats and I have to vacuum every day to keep my floors free of cat hair.

  3. This is a hilarious post! Luckily, Sprinkles doesn't shed - but I know she needs a haircut (because a bath just doesn't do the trick) when Monsoon starts pushing her away and lets me call her Stinkles.


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