Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday: The vacation edition

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am not sitting here typing this post from the comforts of my air-conditioned living room instead of from the shores of a certain beautiful lake I was supposed to be vacationing at with the toddler for the next week.

And I so did not, by choice, choose to be here, at home, after being at the lake for only four hours yesterday.

And I should also mention that I certainly did not ask my husband to drive two hours out of the way to take me and the toddler to the lake for the sole purpose of dropping me and the toddler off at the lake only to realize that I didn't want to be there without my husband for the next three days while being hot, tired and pregnant and trying to take care of a toddler. Therefore, I totally did not sweetly, with tears in my eyes, ask hime if we could all drive home together -- another three hours -- until Wednesday when we could all go back to the lake together. No way! I never would have done this.

And I never would have totally inwardly freaked out only after arriving at the lake about having to keep up with a curious toddler while trying to maneuver my large, awkward body around a somewhat mushy and rocky beach front. Nope, not me! I know what it's like to take care of a toddler, so clearly I sooo could have at least tried to predict that he would be everywhere and I would be left in his trail of dust.

And I definitely did not wait to share this anxiety with my husband until after he unpacked the entire car of our traveling contents and my dear mother in law had already made my and the toddler's beds.

And did I mention that I soooooo did not do this to my very wonderful husband on Father's Day?

This anxiety-filled, over-tired, inflated and unstable woman was so not me; it was the pregnant lady residing in my body. So I am not issuing a warning right now stating that I will be back sometime in September, and until then I cannot be held responsible for irrational and confusing decisions the over-emotional pregnant woman makes.


  1. That must have been tough chasing your toddler around the lake. I'm glad that you didn't fall :) Your hubby is a good sport. He loves you big time!! I'm not pregnant and I'm overly emotional today :)

  2. Oh you poor dear. And your poor husband. And mother in law. But hey... at least you get to enjoy the a/c for a little longer. It is YUCKY out there!


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