Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pregnancy: Back to business

Bed rest is a funny thing when you're the mommy of a toddler. It's almost laughable because toddlers don't understand why mommy can't fetch the balloon for the 90th time from the ceiling/fish the ball from the toilet/fill cups with ice/retract an arm from being stuck inside the bread shelf. No, they don't understand why their requests are being denied so mommy can continue to sit in the chair. It's a good thing Buba and Aunt J. came to the rescue for the duration of Tuesday so that the toddler was adequetely taken care of and snuggled. In fact, I think after he spent the morning with his Buba and the afternoon with his Aunt J. he actually came to prefer mommy being on bed rest.

But I was going crazy just sitting there, so it's grand that my midwife found the source of the bleeding and relieved my poor toddler's poor mommy from being chair-bound. Luckily, the source of bleeding was none other than my good old, irritated (yet un-effaced) cervix. We both breathed a huge sigh of relief when she found the source of bleeding by exam and could rule out any problems with the placenta. I left my midwife's office feeling completely grateful that I wasn't going to be stuck on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. And that gratefulness has made it so that I'm not nearly so irritated by the limits my body is imposing ... for example, my midwife has suggested that I've probably reached the point in my pregnancy where slowing down on lifting things like 25-pound toddlers, gallons of laundry detergent and 30 pound boxes of fruit would be a great idea. Because, you know, I'm getting kind of big. Um, yeah. Like, my belly no longer fits in the maternity pants it fit into just two weeks ago. And, you know, the kind of big that makes your midwife say as she measures your belly "Yeah, there's definitely a baby in there!" So you see, there's a lot of extra pressure on the old bones and the cervix as it is. No need to add another sack of potatoes to the load.

And for the mean time, she's also advised taking a break from Curves and things like babywearing until the bleeding stops and my cervix has healed. And though this was a bit irritating, like, well, today while I was trying to push a stinky stroller through the masses at the farmer's market, I guess I do need to face the facts: sometimes slowing down a little and acting like I'm, you know, in the third trimester, is beneficial even if it's not quite as convenient in the moment. Details, details.

All in all, I'm feeling better. The cramping has subsided, and the bleeding is almost completely gone.

And in other good news, my blood tests for glucose and iron levels were excellent. Insert big sigh of relief!

I suppose I'll consider this experience a good reminder about observing my own physical limits and continue to praise God for a healthy pregnancy and baby. And I'll enjoy the gymnastics that comes along with a toddler learning how to climb in and out of bed/the car seat/the toilet on his own, which is infinitely hilarious when he comments about where he's "posed to put my feet?"


  1. Bummer on the rest, but ... glad the limitations aren't as strigent as they could have been. Enjoy your last bits of your one childness! And don't forget about the Long Grove Strawberry Fest next weekend.

  2. Glad it's nothing. Well, nothing bad anyway.


  3. So glad everything is fine (well, pretty much). Is there etiquette for wishing someone's cervix a swift and happy recovery?

  4. Yay that it is nothing bad! Boooo on the no more babywearing. I was wearing Ben the day I delivered Lily (much to my OB's chagrin). (Not while I was delivering her...thought I should clarify)

  5. Oh, so glad you are off bed rest! What a relief! And it's good to get your toddler a little more independent now before the baby comes. They come in so handy when you need them to climb on top of the dresser to get the diaper cream ointment off the top shelf in the bedroom. (Just kidding folks, quit dialing social services.)

    Thanks for visiting my blog...and commenting. I LOVE comments!

  6. So good to hear! I'm glad you have family nearby.

    "Ah, the life of a mere mortal." That's what I was thinking when I read you had to use a stroller. You're so cool, you know. :)


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