Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pregnancy: A pregnant woman on a restricted diet and budget ...

... makes for a bit of a grumpy mommy when all that mommy wants is to eat some pizza!

What is it with these cravings during this pregnancy? First, it was peaches. That was good -- very healthy; except it wasn't that great because I couldn't find any peaches at that time of year.

Then it was Mexican food. That wasn't too bad because actually I really only wanted tostadas, which are not too bad health-wise and typically Mexican food is easy on the pocket book.

And then it was cereal. And for those of you who know about my pregnancy diet, you know cereal is a major no-no. So I've had to try to resist it at every attempt. Although, I must say, it is one of the less expensive foods to crave.

And now the beast of craving is pizza. Not thick crust pizza. Not normally oh-so-yummy-with-fresh-veggies Lou Malnati's pizza. Nope. And unfortunately not the very tasty, healthy and economical pizza the culinary chef I call my husband normally whips up. No. Crispy pizza. Crispy pizza that cannot be made in our oven because of something weird temperature thing. Trust me -- he's tried.

So, to consume or not to consume? Give into the newest craving or suppress it? Tell me. Please. What would you choose?


  1. I would cave and get some.

    That being said, we almost went broke both times I was pregnant because of my cravings :) Ha! But I would go literally insane if I didn't get what I had on my brain, it was awful. Whether a strawberry shake, or pulled pork, or lobster ravioli, I had to have it. Mostly it was just a bite or two and I'd be ok, but I still had to taste it.

    Good luck! Maybe just get a small portion? Do they make small crispy pizzas?

  2. pizza on a tortilla or pita bread might solve it.

    Or maybe we can work out a deal where you come over and one of us provides the craved-for food so quantity is restricted.

    With GD, I found that homemade pizza didn't spike blood glucose levels.

  3. Start ordering the 3 pizzas $5 each and don't share with anyone so you have leftovers all week!

  4. Pizza is one of my biggest cravings! The cheesier, the better. I can't imagine a world without pizza:)

  5. Just to let you know I crave pizza too even though I am not pregnant LOL! I'm trying to avoid dairy products so although I love cheese, pizza is sadly off the menu right now :(.

  6. I always looked at pregnancy cravings as my body telling me I needed something...maybe you need a few more carbs and dairy in your diet!

    On a pizza note we purchase the thin crispy stuff too but I much prefer the hand tossed style Dan makes to bought stuff...he'd been using a pappa johns recipe these days pumped with some wheat flour.

  7. Ummm I'd make my crispy cracker pizza on the grill. Just saying.... In fact, now I'm thinking maybe I'll make that for dinner!


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