Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everyday Life: Brief freedom from the vacuum

Remember how I was complaining about a month or two ago about the massive gobs of hair that Swamp Dog kept depositing all over the floors around the house? I know you thought I was probably over exxagerating about the amount of hair, but I have to tell you I simply wasn't. Because after he got done doing this, I found his brush, and combed him about three strokes. And this was what I got ...

So this is what he got:

The poor toddler was very confused at first when Buba brought Swamp Dog home after his hair cut. He thought we traded Swamp Dog in for another buddy. But we quickly cleared up the confusion, and the toddler found that Swamp Dog's new hair cut actually made the pooch more interesting:
"Yes, sweetie, the doggie has a weenie and other boy parts, too. Yes, he has always had them; it's just that his hair hid those private parts. And, no you cannot touch that. Or those. Sorry."


  1. HA! thats hilarious! I love how curious little kids are.

  2. I bet Swamp Dog feels much cooler! That is of course that your son keeps his hands off him. LOL

  3. Too cute! And that reminds me that our mangy muts are in desperate need of the barber shop, AKA my husband! With the new baby and everything the dogs have taken second row. They are still not sure what to make about this little creature that has stolen all of mommy and daddy's attention away from them. LOL.

  4. Aww, poor Swamp Dog got a buzz :) I LOVE the toddler's questions though. So boy!

  5. He must be cooler. He looks like a different dog! Still handsome:) Cute post!

  6. Just discovered your blog thanks to HolisticMama and am really enjoying reading through your posts. Swamp Dog looks great AND I bet your furniture does too ;-). Now to figure out how to follow you. A bit new to the blogosphere.


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