Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Everyday Life: My hat is off to the workin' mamas

Wow, wow, wow, working mamas! How do you do it?


  1. We miss out on lots. And lots doesn't get done.

    And then we decide we can't do it and are counting down the days before we submit our resignations and enter the ranks of the REAL working women staying home with our children.

    I take it the business is ummm fun for you so far?

  2. We don't. We just look like we do..... just like the SAHM! I don't think anyone really does it. Except Duggar-mummy and she has help!

  3. I so agree! How do those working moms get everything done? I do admire them immensely. How is your business going?

  4. Just wrote about what works for us. Look at how your husband balances work and family as well.

  5. Working mamas ask me how *I* do it - stay home all day with the little one. lol


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