Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Everyday Life: Oh, the things he knows

I was pretty cranky tonight when the hubby got home because I've been running around like crazy all day today. Here's the conversation that ensued:

John: What are we having for dinner?
Me: I just remembered that we had to eat dinner tonight about ten minutes ago, so I have nothing planned.
John: Oh, well, do you have any thoughts?
Me: No.
John: Well, I could make dinner.
Me: OK.
John: What do you want?
Me: For you to leave me alone.
John: That wasn't an option. What do you want for dinner?
Me: Salad.
John: Hmmm. [Walks away into the kitchen for a few minutes and then returns] I think I will make pancakes.
Me: I don't want pancakes.
John, frustrated: Then what do you want!
The toddler, out of nowhere: Mommy no wants pancakes, makes her sad!!!! No pancakes, daddy, no pancakes.
John, shocked: Did he just say pancakes make you sad?
Me: Yes.
John: How does he know that?
Me: Because I just said I didn't want any. He understands that when you don't want to do something it makes you sad.
John: So, kiddo, what's your mommy want?
The toddler: Salad. Daddy and me eat pancakes. Not mommy. Mommy eat salad, daddy. Just salad.

If I thought the toddler had listening issues, I was drastically mistaken; nothing gets past him!


  1. I like how your little guy is sensitive to what you really want. That's sweet! It's tough to think about dinner when you've been busy all day. Hope you did enjoy it. Did you have a nice dessert, I hope?

  2. Oh how cool! Now if he could just teach your husband -- or better, mine! -- some of those listening skills, we'd be set! So did you get your salad?

  3. Uh, selectively listening skills.

    this is hilarious!

  4. Yes, I did get my salad. LOL. And I said sorry for telling my hubby to leave me alone; mostly I just didn't want to be questioned about dinner!

  5. Oh gosh. What a conversation!


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