Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everyday Life: Big Helper

Did you know almost two year olds just love to help?

It is especially true when Buba, a screwdriver and the new patio door are all involved. Do you think he'll want to help so much a few years from now? Or 10 years from now?

Better soak it up while it lasts!


  1. That is so sweet. And he may very well want to help! My youngest LOVES all things pertaining to tools and very quickly volunteers to help. I don't think it'll stop when he gets older. He has a passion there that is just to strong.

  2. When my dad put up Jensen's swing set for his 2nd birthday, Jensen cried "my turn, my turn" repeatedly, begging for the screw gun. My dad found a little screw gun for him to pacify him.

    This picture of Gabe is so cute.

  3. Look at his little hand there! I think my uterus is talking...just ignore me.

  4. What a great helper! My daughter also loves to help. At 2.5 years she is finally a big help in the kitchen and loves to measure/pour things.


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