Sunday, August 23, 2009

Everyday Life: Grapes of the sparkling and alcholic nature

How to go wine-tasting (and, well, for me, sparkling-juice tasting with only a smidge or two of wine) with a toddler:

All you need is ....

1. One heavy duty mei tai baby carrier

2. One willing Buba to tote the toddler around on his back in said mei tai

3. Lots of sparkling juice and pretzel samples to keep the tiny tornado extremely happy

If you're visual, here's the how-to guide in picture form:
Please note that if you own my specific tiny tornado and would like to go wine tasting, you must bring a hat for the toddler to wear and the willing Buba must not mind that the toddler likes to rub ears while riding in the mei tai.


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