Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Everyday Life: A Not-So-Everyday Occurance

I wanted to post a Not Me! Monday yesterday, but yesterday took a turn for the weird -- even for our very busy and abnormal household.

By the time I arrived home from Curves in the afternoon, the toddler was covered in little red dots from head to toe. And he didn't take a red marker and make the dots himself; that would have been too par for the course around here.

The red dots looked like a rash. I thought perhaps it was a heat rash because it was hot and humid yesterday. A friend of mine and her 2.5 year old were at our house playing with the toddler while I was away, and she said she only noticed it very faintly just a bit before I arrived home. Rationally, I called my husband and used the heat rash theory as an excuse to turn on the air conditioning just in time for mine and the toddler's daily afternoon siesta. I thought when we woke from our naps the dots would have faded. But we never got our nap because the toddler was pretty restless, although he must have said a million times after I asked him a million times that his "dots were not itchy" and that he felt "good, mommy, feel good. No owies. No sick. Time to play." I felt pretty good about the toddler saying he felt good, and I was beginning to not even care that he had red dots all over his body because he didn't have a fever, his appetite was fine and he was in a cheery mood despite not having had a nap.

But the hubs had an entire hour to search the Internet for the symptoms while the toddler and I were resting sans actual sleep, and he called me to say he thought the toddler probably had one of two things:
Measles or Roseola.

And that would necessitate a trip to the pediatrician's office. I called, and, of course, I was asked the normal questions:
New food?
New detergent?
New lotion or soap?
New pets?
New anything?
Nada. Zilch. Zip.
Cold symptoms?
No. No. And no.
Only me because I have to answer this never-ending list of inquiries and I know we're going to end up coming in to the office. Don't worry; I only thought that. I knew the receptionist, who I really like, was only doing her duties with the questions trying weeding out the sick from the mistakenly sick.

So we went in. The nurse was stumped. The pediatrician's assistant was stumped. We were sent home with the following prescription: watch him and see if anything comes of it.

And what came of it? Just more red dots this morning and more of the same from yesterday -- my normal, happy, not sick, not itchy toddler. So I'm counting my blessings tonight on top of being totally and utterly stumped. Guess I better take some pictures so you can see, too.

Send some prayers our way that it has been and turns out to be nothing. Or that it's the measles and is a highly nonreactive case so he can have natural immunity to that disease. That's what our chiropractor told us to hope for since he seems so fine and healthy. It's funny. I never I would have hoped for my kid to get something naturally before I learned about the scariness of vaccinations. I love what age and education have done to me -- leave me hoping my kid has really mild version of a disease most people vaccinate against. Oh, the irony.


  1. Yep, I'm with you on the "please get it really mildly before we vaccinate so we don't have to vaccinate and you have strong immunity" but ... it never turns out that way. Fingers crossed for you! Any chance it was something like a bug bite that reacted? You've seen Little Miss with her bug bites before ;)

  2. Rashes are so hard for doctors. Hopefully you get an answer soon and it disappears quickly!

  3. My little buddy had a rash from the bum down and lo and behold, although it looked horrible, it wasn't itchy. After friend and family firing those same questions at me...a few hours later it dawned on me. Two days before we went for a swim in the local lake and..there were ducks. I guess a case of swimmer's itch sans itch or just some nasty reaction to the bacteria in the water..Whatever, it was DEFINITELY the water and cleared up in a day or two. Feel better sweety!

  4. H, my daughter Lily had this EXACT same set of symptoms in June. Ben had just gotten the MMR, so I was *convinced* that this was a mild case of measles from the shedding. I took her to our pediatrician that told me it was "nothing." It got WAY WAY WAY worse. neck to toe pink dots. I found a holistic pediatrician that came HIGHLY recommended and took Lily in. That doc was shocked when I took off Lily's clothes. She called a colleague who is a pediatric disease specialist in to look!! They both concluded that it was a "viral induced rash" that would get worse (read: every square inch of her body) before it got better. They were right! It never itched or hurt and Lily had NO other symptoms. Crazy.

  5. How is he now? The pics from your most recent post don't show any dots, so maybe he's better now. Hope so. (and yeah, those shots are scary)

  6. Anna has the same rash. Just as mysterious.


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