Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life Lessons: Watch what you say

Little ears have always been listening to the conversations we have.

It's just never been quite as apparent as it is now that the toddler talks in full sentences and really comprehends most things we say.

Example number one:

I walked into the house and greeted the hubby and the toddler after working out a few nights ago. The toddler was sitting in the corner of the kitchen playing with a mixing bowl and cooking dinner. The hubs was cooking at the stove top. Hubby turned around, gave me a squeeze and said "Hi, sexy." He then proceeded to give me a kiss and hug.

Two second later, the toddler emerged from cooking dinner, hugged my legs and repeated the same greeting the hubs gave me:

"Hi, Pepsi!"

Why, yes, dear toddler, that's exactly what daddy called mommy! We'll take it.


Example number two:

Swamp Dog has a listening problem; he doesn't do what he's supposed to do on first command. So because I'm really smart and totally understand how to get through to my dog, I've begun adding the command "now" after he doesn't listen to my commands the first time or two.

"Swamp Dog, sit!"

No response from Swamp Dog who is trying to position his entire 65 pounds on top of my lap while I'm sitting on the couch.

"Swamp Dog, sit NOW!"

A few days later, the toddler spent the weekend with his Grandma Puppy and Aunt Jill. Aunt Jill was leaning over the table to get something when the toddler promptly said:

"Aunt Jill, sit down in chair."

She apparently didn't respond in appropriate time.

"Aunt Jill, sit down in chair NOW!"

Opps. Sorry, Aunt Jill.

The hubs was overdue for a haircut, and when his hair grows past his ears I like to razz him a little about his shagginess:
"Get a haircut, you hippie."
The toddler happily chimed in:
"Get a haircut daddy hippie!"

And a few hours later:
"I want chalkie (chocolate) milk, hippie."

Umm, hope he doesn't take that one out in public.


  1. Those all made me giggle :) Thank you!

  2. he was very serious about me sitting back down in the chair. i was so shocked. but it was too cute.

  3. That is hilarious -- I love it! There are so many of those cutie things all the time. And umm yeah... ALWAYS listening. Hippie I hope is regularly repeated. ;)

  4. Really cute! I love how they repeat things in their own funny way:)

  5. soooo funny, it is a shock when you get to relive your witty remarks through the mouth of a toddler. funny and embarrassing..

  6. lol! Funny! Loved the pepsi one.

  7. So funny. It's all very innocent though- no bad words!

  8. That is just too cute. I love "Hi Pepsi!"


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