Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday: Celebrating the many ups of being pregnant

Need some cheap therapy? Welcome to Not Me Monday, a blog posting phenomenon created by MckMama as a way to confess everything you so did not do during the past week.

I have not continued to be a huge pregnant freak about cleaning, organizing and decluttering this past week. And I have not tried to give away or sell almost everything we haven't touched in the past year, including some baby carriers and cloth diapering supplies, at my husband's extreme confusion. He did not very firmly and gently suggest that maybe we should, you know, keep some of those carriers and cloth diapering supplies we used when the toddler was younger for the next baby, because, you know, we might maybe need them in four to seven more weeks.

And I totally did not respond by crinkling my nose and telling him that this stuff was overtaking my house and that stuff or some of his junk that needed to go. Nope, not me. I also would never threaten to clean out my hubby's closets and drawers while he's a work in order to simplify and organize just because he has merely suggested that we don't have to purge every lightly used item I've come across and deemed unworthy of a space in our home. That wasn't me at all.

And because I'm not some weird organized, decluttering fanatic, I did not almost have a mental breakdown at the mere sight of all the toys the toddler's grandparents and aunts lavished upon him at his small second birthday celebration this weekend. And it did not take every ounce of strength in my body to throw away the gift receipts to toys he really, really would enjoy. And I most definitely did not take many of those toys and immediately organize them as soon as we stepped foot in our house this weekend because I am not a nutcase and I want my son to play with and enjoy his presents instead of keeping our house meticulously organized.

When asking the toddler what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, I definitely was not trying to find a way to order a fresh strawberry and whipped cream cake just because it's my favorite dessert and I needed an excuse in which to indulge at 35 weeks pregnant. And when I asked him what color he wanted it to be, I totally didn't know he was going to say pink because he says he wants everything to be pink. And I totally did not use that as a reason to order the fresh strawberry and whipped cream cake because strawberries can surely look pink. Um, nope, that wasn't me either.

I also wasn't the lady at the grocery store Saturday morning who was completely and utterly overwhelmed at picking out the type of frozen burgers she would serve during her son's second birthday party later that day. And I wasn't the lady who stared at all of those choices for 15 minutes before deciding that all of her blood must have abandoned her brain and pooled in her uterus, forcing her to text message her husband an SOS message to come save her from the many and varied choices of frozen meat patties offered in the grocery store. Nope, that wasn't me. Poor lady. Good thing her husband came and rescued her. Who knows what kind of issues she had when she came to the beverage aisle!


  1. I am NOT craving a fresh strawberry and whipped cream cake right NOW!

  2. I was totally on board thinking you were SO FINE with having done all that stuff--no big deal! But then (dum, dum, duuuuuuum), I came to the meat patties; I'm DYING! Love you.

  3. Happy birthday to Gabe:) I can't believe he's already two!

  4. Happy birthday to your little guy! Hey, I have no excuse when I get flustered in the meat aisle too.

  5. I really want you to come nest at my house. I moved here in April and stuff is still in boxes. And the clutter!

    If I hadn't been pregnant myself, I would think you are exaggerating. But I know you're not. It's crazy what happens to us!


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