Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things I Thought About Today: First Edition

My thinking is starting to become fuzzy. I have noticed that while I'm engaged in normal conversation that I have begun spacing out and forgetting the actual topic of the conversation. This makes it hard to, um, be a normal socially functioning adult. And I'm now having to focus massive amounts of energy on face-to-face conversation, and that's wiping me out.

So I don't want to think coherently for blog posts most days, to make a long story short. Thus, I'm introducing a new post called Things I Thought About Today, so during days when I'm having an especially hard time functioning and keeping focused, I can still blog. Please don't expect full sentences, correct grammar or anything coherent or fluid when you see this posting title.

* My toddler says holy cow a lot during most days and it's usually at appropriate times. When I was trying to get out of the chair today, and I asked the hubs help, the toddler mused "Holy cow!" as hubby pulled me to my feet. Now I know he's just two, but perhaps he's finally figured it out -- mommies have milk and they are huge -- just like cows.

* I pondered making lasagna for dinner. Then I looked at the recipe and became intensely overwhelmed by just the ingredient list. Hubby asked what I was thinking we'd have for dinner. I said chicken salad. The toddler said, "chicken salad again!!??" Apparently, everyone has recognized my fall-back dinner plans only include chicken salad. Even the two year old.

* We gave Swamp Dog a buzz cut, so why on Earth are there clumps of hair on my floor? Is this some kind of sick joke someone is playing on me?

* I'm glad we live in the suburbs while I'm pregnant. We went downtown for a night and the shear volume of people made my head spin and sent me running for open air at Grant Park.

*I'm going to go back to normal, right? This is only temporary insanity, isn't it?


  1. You should TOTALLY do Random Tuesday Thoughts. I love randomness!

    At least your backup plan consisted of something homemade. Mine is Applebee's.

  2. You always make me smile with your posts!! I love how your little guy reacts to your fallback meal. My kids give me similar reactions when I say, "Let's go with pasta." The Holy Cow remark really made me giggle. So funny!

  3. Perhaps you should create, I think there is a word for it, like the Not-me-Mondays and Thankful Anyway Thursdays. Create a button. I will certainly use it. I love this idea as I share your coherent thoughts struggles. Our little guys says, "That is sooo cool". Maybe hubby snuck a neighbourhood Golden into the house for a few hours to freak you out? LOL.

  4. why do you think I named my Blog "Rachel's Ramblings"?

    Glad you're still posting.

    Are you going to blog your birth story?

    This lady said she wouldn't, had some coherent reasons and hasn't. Just wondering. I did cuz it was a VBAC and unfortunately, those things are rare.


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