Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things I Thought About Today: Fourth Edition

DISCLAIMER: My thinking has become fuzzy. I have noticed that while I'm engaged in normal conversation that I have begun spacing out and forgetting the actual topic of the conversation. This makes it hard to, um, be a normal socially functioning adult. And I'm now having to focus massive amounts of energy on face-to-face conversation, and that's wiping me out. So I don't want to think coherently for blog posts most days, to make a long story short. Thus, I've introduced a new post called Things I Thought About Today, so during days when I'm having an especially hard time functioning and keeping focused, I can still blog. Please don't expect full sentences, correct grammar or anything coherent or fluid when you see this posting title.

1. Every day I go for a big power walk because for some reason it makes me feel almost weightless and super powerful. Weird? Yup? Wonderful nonetheless? You betcha.
And every day, as I venture down our street, the same guy a few houses down is out watering his flowers. Every day, he smiles at me and says "Hey, you're still pregnant!"
Every day, I smile and say something polite in return.

But, on the inside, every day I want to shout. "No kidding! I figured that out when I had to call a forklift to get me outta my freakin' bed this morning/couldn't properly reach a too-long toe nail with the nail clippers because my belly was in the way/put on two mismatching flip flops and didn't notice until the toddler pointed it out!"

I don't think men get it.

2. And about walking ... I also take pride in the fact that I still don't have a waddle at 37.5 weeks, and I still walk faster than 99 percent of the non-pregnant women in this neighborhood. Yes, I notice those things; yes, it makes me feel better; yes, I realize that's really lame. But let me have my cake and eat it, too, since I can't really, you know, eat real cake right now.

3. Tonight the toddler became insanely crabby insanely early. I was getting sick of him climbing on me the way he climbs on giant statues at the zoo, so I told him to go upstairs with daddy and start reading his Bible. My husband scooped up the kid and two other people finished the sentence I began, "Mommy will be upstairs in --"

The toddler: "Two minutes."

The husband: "Never."

4. This picture can speak for itself:


  1. Good for you for getting out there power walking. When I was that far along in my pregnancy the only walking I did was from the couch to the fridge to the couch to the bed to the fridge. Repeat.

  2. I am in total awe that you are still power walking at 37 weeks. I hope I can have as much energy as you do when I reach that stage of my pregnancy.

  3. You are amazing that you are still power walking! I wish I had that much energy now :) Love that toddler photo!!


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