Friday, August 14, 2009

Things I Thought About Today: Second Edition

DISCLAIMER: My thinking is starting to become fuzzy. I have noticed that while I'm engaged in normal conversation that I have begun spacing out and forgetting the actual topic of the conversation. This makes it hard to, um, be a normal socially functioning adult. And I'm now having to focus massive amounts of energy on face-to-face conversation, and that's wiping me out. So I don't want to think coherently for blog posts most days, to make a long story short. Thus, I've introduced a new post called Things I Thought About Today, so during days when I'm having an especially hard time functioning and keeping focused, I can still blog. Please don't expect full sentences, correct grammar or anything coherent or fluid when you see this posting title.

1. If my stomach becomes any larger, I think I'm going to have to get a support band to hold it up. Or perhaps I'll get it its own walker. And I'll place my bugling belly on the shelf of the walker and cart it around. Perhaps I could get a two seater and put the toddler in the front and wheel him and my ever-expanding tummy everywhere. Who needs babywearing when you have a two-seater rolling walker?

2. Why is it soo hard to find a babysitter on the days when I need reinforcements to come in and help shower the tiny two-year-old tornado with lots of love and affection and a lap on which he can actually fit and sit on to read stories? And why do all of these sitters come out of the woodwork only on days when 17 other people would like to spend time with my child? Such is life!

3. I had a pure moment of panic today. The toddler was outside with the hubs after our walk wandering around the front yard. Hubby opened the door and asked me a question and then went outside. I didn't hear the question, or perhaps, I ignored it. He then came back inside 20 seconds later and let the dog in. I then asked him where the toddler was.
His response: "Oh, he didn't come in when I was in a few minutes ago?"
Me: "Um, no!"
Have you ever seen a panicked pregnant woman flat out run?
You could have tonight if you were my neighbor. Thankfully, the time span in which the toddler was loose was all of about 50-60 seconds, but do you know what can happen in just one second? Thus, why the panic ensued. Yikes. I've been thanking God all night for watching over the toddler while I (and hubby) apparently was not.


  1. A funny and frantic post for sure. I've had those moments of utter panic, though have not been large enough during those times to make use of a 2-seater walker.

  2. Yeah... I blamed that on pregnancy brain. It hasn't gone away though, and I haven't been pregnant for four years, two weeks and two days. I need a new excuse. But umm I hate to tell ya -- it doesn't go away!


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