Thursday, September 3, 2009

Everyday Life: Daddies

The world is a better place when daddy comes home from work.
Suddenly, the crabbiest toddler in all of Lake County has found the will power to smile, laugh, listen and not throw himself on the floor in a crying fit for 20 straight minutes at a time.

And, suddenly, the mommy of the toddler has the will power to consider not resigning herself to sitting on the couch for the rest of the night staring absent-mindedly at the wall while rocking back and forth and sipping a chai tea while murmuring about how she is stronger than the toddler ... she is more reasonable than the toddler ... she is more able to aptly cope with emotions than the toddler ... she is more [fill in what loving mommies should be].

Thank God for baby daddies -- especially, baby daddies who promise poor, worn-out mommies a nice back rub and relaxation after the toddler goes to bed for the night. Mine rocks.
He seriously needs an award. Any ideas?


  1. YAY for dads!! I hear you :) I count down the minutes until my hubby gets home the last hour of the day!

  2. Oh I can think of an award that ANY man would want- but it's not appropriate to write it here. I'm sure you can guess.

  3. That's a sweet family photo. It's great to get that "daddy" relief pitcher.

  4. I think I know where you're going with that one, Julie, and I think the hubs would agree that would be one great reward. lol.


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