Friday, September 4, 2009

Everyday Life: Hazy with a good chance of sunny skies

Today's forecast perfectly fit the morning after one of the stormiest days we've ever experienced in toddlerville.

As I peeked out into the back yard this morning when I woke, took a deep breath and prayed for today to begin anew with peace even though I was still filled with little pangs of sadness from yesterday ... I couldn't help but notice through the haze the promise of sunshine.

The most beautiful thing about waking up the morning after a very bad day is simply the promise of a new day.

Thank God for new days. What are you thankful for this morning?


  1. I'm thankful that my kids seem to be happy as they go off to school. I'm always in worry mode during the school year. So I hope that this year I'll look for those "sunny skies". Have a great weekend!

  2. i am thankful for my great, snuggly DH.

  3. What a beautiful view!

    I'm thankful my husband has all of next week off :)

  4. Wasn't there some gorgeous fog / mist this morning with the sun peeking through? What a great metaphor!


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